Our Process

Step 1: Get Personal

Initial personal meeting with the builder. Discuss dreams, plans, budgets, and options. View other plans and/or homes under construction.

Step 2: Budget Evaluation

Robin will evaluate your wishes to help make sure your budget and your designs will work together.

Step 3: Preliminary Design

Preliminary design agreement is written. This states Robin Campbell will not charge you for the design or plans when the home is contracted with Robin Campbell Builders.

Step 4: Preliminary Design

Floor plan to fit the lot, budget, and the home buyer requirements is created.

Step 5: Review Plans

Next meeting with the builder. Review the plans and make adjustments.

Step 6: Adjust Plans

Robin Campbell Builders will then adjust plans and create an exterior elevation to meet your approval. Approval of plans, specifications, and proposed budget are agreed before pricing

Step 7: Design Approval

At this time we obtain pricing from our trade specialist and suppliers. This assures we present you a guaranteed cost to build your home. If the decision is to build now (with the agreed price and terms) a contract to build is now signed.

Step 8: Lender Assistance

Robin Campbell Builders will help you to work with your lender or we will initiate contact with several other lenders. lender will require Plans, specifications and a signed contract.

Step 9: Proceed with Plan

Once financing is approved, we obtain permits and architectural approvals as needed per city or county and any HOA. We are now ready to Start construction. We will now provide you with a schedule for the build and a selection guide to help you know when and where to select fixtures, flooring, etc.