Get Personal

What kind of partnering relationship would we have if we didn’t listen to our clients? Before we put pen to paper and pixel to screen, we listen to your needs, vision, obstacles and goals. We want to know your wishes and budget so we can be in the position to help you achieve them.

Budget Evaluation

Every successful team has a game plan. We strongly believe that everything we do should have purpose – it should be a part of a bigger picture. We paint that big picture through energetic brainstorming sessions where your tiny details turn into groundbreaking ideas.

Preliminary Design

Even though we do your design and plans for FREE, the design will serve no purpose if no one ever sees it? That’s what happens if the design is over budget!  Once we’ve created a preliminary design that meets your budget and expectations we complete the 1 st plans

Preliminary Design

The products and materials we produce for our clients is just the first step of the process. We’re not in the set-it-forget-it business. Your market, competitors, and customers’ needs are constantly changing. We remain committed to finding ways to evolve and adapt your brand so that you remain the leader in your field.

Review Plans

Our goal here is to make sure you love the design. This is your first review to evaluate your future home and gather information.

Adjust Plans

We don’t expect our first attempt to have every detail you desire. At this time we will modify your design to fit your family.

Design Approval

Once we have made the desire changes we go for a final review.

Proceed with Plan

At this time we obtain pricing from our trade specialist and suppliers. This assures we present you a guaranteed cost to build your home.

Lender Assistance

If you have your lender, this is great. We have been approved by every lender in the area which we applied. If you don’t have a lender, we have great relationships with competitive lenders. At this time you present your plans, specifications and contract to the lender for approval.

Proceed with Construction